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Decorative Driveway Paving Baltimore: A Glen Burnie MD Project

All State Paving recently completed a driveway paving project, “Decorative Driveway Paving Baltimore: A Glen Burnie MD Project.” We are a trusted name in Maryland residential pavement, responded to a Glen Burnie, MD, homeowner’s need for expansion and repair of their asphalt driveway repair. With over 30 years in the industry, we’re experienced in installing pavement that will last on roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and, yes, driveways! We were excited about this project, which involved decorative pavers flanking the paved area.

After going out to the property, our expert assessed the existing paved areas, noting that the asphalt had broken down all the way to the base layer. This base damage meant that repaving was more cost-effective than driveway repairs. Our team provided a detailed quote. Once we saw that the estimate met the homeowner’s expectations, we got to work! Our skilled paving contractors swiftly replaced and expanded the driveway, adding brick pavers for a broader, more visually appealing entrance.

Our improvement of this Glen Burnie, MD, residential property didn’t stop there! We ensured the homeowners could get into their house safely by adding a new porch landing. They’d also mentioned wanting a gravel garden to replace a weedy blank spot in their yard. We took care of that too, installing a beautiful new gravel space that complemented the yard.

At All State Paving, our commitment lies in delivering durable, visually appealing driveways. With a focus on detail, our expertise ensures a finished product that exceeds expectations. Join us in transforming your residential property today.

Contact All State Paving for exceptional driveway paving services in Glen Burnie, MD.

Asphalt Installation Woodbine MD: A Driveway Miracle

All State Paving recently completed project, ” Asphalt Installation Woodbine MD: A Driveway Miracle.” We’re a company committed to enhancing Woodbine, MD, residential properties with exceptional asphalt driveway installation services. As a local business, we prioritize serving local homeowners, leveraging our years of experience for your benefit.

We recently assisted a local homeowner requiring driveway installation in Woodbine, MD. Though it sounds simple, this project included paving a long single-car drive, a circular teardrop lane, and a parking extension. This all had to be completed seamlessly within a single day! But if anyone can complete a residential asphalt paving project like this quickly, it’s us!

Understanding their needs, we provided a detailed quote for the work that showed how our asphalt driveway installation methods would fulfill their plan for their residential property without breaking the budget. The homeowner was thrilled with our efficient service and competitive pricing. The team at All State Paving meticulously planned and executed the process to ensure the Woodbine property’s pavement endured for years to come.

Once we got the go-ahead from our residential paving client, our team executed the driveway installation swiftly and professionally, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. They began by clearing the area, ensuring a solid foundation through precise grading and compaction techniques. Selecting premium materials, they applied and smoothed the asphalt evenly, utilizing specialized equipment for thorough compaction. They meticulously seal-coated the surface, employing their expertise and providing a protective shield against harsh elements. Their attention to detail, quality materials, and precision in execution guaranteed a well-paved driveway, reflecting their commitment to long-lasting quality for the Woodbine property.

Get this level of service by calling All State Paving for asphalt driveway installation!

The Woodbine, MD, customer praised our professionalism, but they were especially impressed with our swift turnaround on their new pavement. All State Paving is your reliable choice for top-notch driveway installation services in Maryland communities like Woodbine!

Contact us today to elevate your residential property!

Asphalt Driveway Replacement Baldwin MD: Showcasing Paving Expertise

All State Paving recently completed project, “Asphalt Driveway Replacement Baldwin MD: Showcasing Paving Expertise.” All State Paving specializes in residential properties, serving homeowners in Baldwin, MD, with cost-efficient services like asphalt driveway replacement. A homeowner in Baldwin, MD, recently required urgent care for their property. Recognizing our leadership in the paving industry, they sought our assistance. Once they’d consulted with one of our experts, they knew they had made the right choice.

Our skilled team promptly assessed the property, identifying severe pavement cracks. When left unattended, damage like this tends to get worse. As these cracks worsen, they begin to compromise the integrity of the base layer, which forms the foundation of the pavement structure. The infiltration of moisture weakens the base layer, causing it to lose its compactness and strength. Ultimately, this weakened foundation undermines the entire pavement’s structural stability. This was the situation at this latest paving project, but we have the right driveway repair solutions.

We provided the customer with a comprehensive quote for the asphalt driveway replacement services required: excavation of broken pavement, cleanup of the property, and asphalt paving to create the new paved areas. On every job, we tailor our services to address pavement issues without charging more money, and the homeowner was happy with both the pricing and the proposed timeline.

Our team completed this Baldwin, Maryland, driveway paving project swiftly and efficiently within a day and a half! Our professional contractors ensured the customer’s complete satisfaction with this efficiency. The homeowner commended our reliability and the high-quality work delivered, stating, “Great job!”

Trust All State Paving asphalt driveway replacement on your Maryland property.

Contact us today to benefit from our asphalt driveway replacement expertise, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient pavement for your residential property!

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Average Cost of Driveway Paving in MD

When it’s time to get a new asphalt driveway, Maryland homeowners are rightfully concerned about the average cost of driveway paving in MD. The best way to keep driveway paving costs low is to contact the most experienced paving contractor in your area.

In Owings Mills MD, All State Paving is the most reputable driveway paving company, and we have a variety of ways to keep asphalt paving costs low for our valued Maryland clients. With over 30 years experience in the paving industry, we have the expertise to create the perfect asphalt driveway for your residential property.

How Much is a New Asphalt Driveway?

Driveway paving costs can vary depending on several factors such as: the paving material you choose, the square footage you need paved, any decorative edging or concrete, and any additional services you might need like excavation, drainage, or grading.

That said, the average costs to pave a driveway in Maryland range between $5 and $15 per square foot of pavement. Additional services like excavation and grading can add several dollars per square foot, and this average doesn’t include decorative driveway edging. All these driveway paving services can add up to a total between $2,000 and $15,000, on average.

  • Asphalt driveway paving costs range between $7 and $13 per square foot.
  • A concrete driveway can cost between $3 and $18 per square foot.
  • A plain gravel driveway only costs between $1 and $5 per square foot, but they aren’t very durable.
  • Chip sealing a driveway is also an option, costing between $2 and $5 per square foot.

Need a New Driveway? Call All State Paving, Owings Mills MD’s Most Reputable Paving Company!

We’ve been paving in Maryland for three generations and 30 years, so we have the asphalt paving expertise to install the driveway of your dreams. Let our family help your family with top notch driveway paving services.

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How long before I can park on my new asphalt driveway in MD?

Homeowners who want a new asphalt driveway can have lots of questions, like how much it costs, how long it takes to pave an asphalt driveway, and how long before you can park on your new driveway. The best person to answer these questions is your local residential paving contractor. In Columbia MD, All State Paving is the most experienced and reputable paving company, and we’ve developed state of the art asphalt solutions for Maryland homeowners.

After getting a new asphalt driveway installed, you want to get the most use out of it, but it’s important to avoid walking, driving, or parking on fresh asphalt right away, as it can cause damage.

The Asphalt Installation Process

  • Grading of the soil underneath the area for proper drainage
  • Application of a substrate like gravel, if necessary
  • Pouring hot asphalt over the driveway area
  • Compacting the asphalt
  • Letting the liquid asphalt cool and cure into a solid, durable layer

How long before you can walk on new asphalt?

Since people weigh less than cars and trucks, you should be able to safely walk on a new asphalt driveway after 24 hours at the earliest, but it’s best to wait for 3 days (72 hours) before walking or driving on fresh asphalt to prevent any damage.

How long before driving and parking on a new asphalt driveway?

For vehicles, you should give your new asphalt plenty of time to cure. Asphalt experts recommend waiting for 2 weeks before parking on your new driveway. While 14 days seems like a long time to wait, remember that vehicles are heavy and leaving a vehicle sitting on fresh asphalt can result in depressions, rutting, scarring, and more.

For driveway installation, repair, and maintenance, call All State Paving, Columbia MD’s trusted residential paving contractors.


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