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Asphalt Driveway Paving in Catonsville MD

Homeowners have lots of options when it comes to renovating their residential property, but one of the most cost effective is driveway paving. A homeowner in Catonsville MD wanted to upgrade their driveway, and they knew they needed the help of the most reputable residential paving company in Maryland, All State Paving. Their neighbor had gotten some driveway servicing from us, so they knew they could trust in our workmanship and integrity.

An All State Paving asphalt expert got out to their residential property right away to inspect their pavement. Their existing driveway was over 15 years old, so it was suffering from cracks, crumbling, and shifting. After speaking with the homeowner about their need for more space. They’d also recently installed a new concrete garage floor, and they wanted their new driveway to connect in a way that would avoid flooding.

We knew we could complete this job to the homeowner’s satisfaction, under budget and ahead of schedule, and we delivered! First we removed the existing driveway, taking it away for recycling, and then graded the new driveway area. Then we laid down a gravel base over the whole area, compacted it, and then installed 3” of asphalt, compacting and smoothing that as well.

The homeowner loved their new driveway, which checked off all of their boxes. It was attractive, smooth, matched the level of their garage floor, was well-draining, and connected seamlessly with the street. And we got the whole job done in half a day!

If you’re looking for this level of paving expertise on your residential paving project, contact All State Paving today!

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