Asphalt Driveway Sealcoating

Maryland homeowners looking to preserve their residential asphalt need the latest asphalt services like driveway sealcoating. To get the very best, it’s important to contract with the best local driveway paving company. In Maryland, that’s All State Paving, the Baltimore area paving company with over 30 years experience.

Driveway Sealcoating FAQ

At All State Paving, we care about our local residential homeowners, and we want them to understand their options when it comes to driveway paving, repair, and maintenance.

  • What is driveway sealcoating?

    Asphalt sealants are made from the black liquid tar used in asphalt pavement called bitumen mixed with fine sand, water, liquid plastics, and other additives that make it UV resistant and quick drying.

  • Why do driveways in Maryland need asphalt sealcoating?

    Water and temperature changes are the enemies of asphalt durability, and sealcoating holds them off by increasing asphalt flexibility and creating a waterproof barrier over the driveway surface.

  • How does asphalt sealcoating preserve your driveway?

    Sealcoating protects driveways by blocking the elements that break down asphalt: physical wear, chemicals, water, oxygen, and UV rays. These elements break down the asphalt emulsions, exposing aggregates and encouraging deterioration.

What is the driveway sealcoating process like?

  • First thing we provide is a free residential pavement inspection, then driveway experts consult with homeowners, and finally we provide a detailed work estimate.
  • Depending on the area to be coated and the emulsion blend, we either use a brush, sprayer, or squeegee to spread the sealcoat over the asphalt surface.
  • We recommend that you let the sealcoating cure for 24 hours before you walk on it and 48 hours before parking again. We’ll work with your HOA or municipality to make sure everything is up to code and you have alternative parking options.

All State Paving: Residential Asphalt Sealcoating Experts in Maryland

With our decades of experience in asphalt paving on both commercial and residential properties, we have the right processes for driveway repair and pavement maintenance, including quality driveway sealcoating!

To protect your residential pavement assets, contact All State Paving!

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