Parking Lot Commercial Paving

The asphalt parking lot is the most important aspect of your commercial property, there’s no question. It’s the face of your business and the very first interaction potential customers have, so it needs to look good and be easy to navigate. The only way to do that is to get professional parking lot paving services from the most reputable and experienced commercial paving company in your state.

In Maryland, All State Paving is this reputable family paving company. With over thirty years experience with parking lot paving, we can help any area business get the perfect commercial parking lot.

All About Quality Parking Lot Paving Services

At All State Paving, we want our clients to get the best possible parking lot paving services, so here’s some things to look for when it comes to commercial asphalt paving.

  • Correct Site Preparation & Drainage

    Before any paving can be done, you need to make sure the land underneath has been properly prepared. To keep asphalt pavement free from water damage, the area needs grading to create drainage.

  • Proven Asphalt Installation Processes

    To make for a stable, long-lasting parking lot, your commercial paving company needs to create asphalt with certain layers, including:

    • A compacted gravel base with proper drainage
    • Stable middle layer of asphalt with large aggregates of an appropriate thickness for the amount of traffic the parking lot will get
    • A surface layer with quality asphalt emulsions and fine aggregates
    • Asphalt sealcoating to preserve the surface layer and protect against sunlight, water, and wear
    • Traffic paint for parking stall lines, pavement symbols, and parking instructions
    • Concrete curbs, aprons, and parking bumpers
  • ADA Compliance

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public parking lots have a certain number of parking spaces for drivers with disabilities, as well as certain symbols painted on pavement and other regulations. An experienced paving company will be well-versed in all of these requirements.

Contact All State Paving: Parking Lot Paving Experts in the Baltimore Area

We’re a reputable family asphalt paving business with three generations of asphalt contractors, and we’ve been installing asphalt parking lots in Maryland since 1990. This means we have the expertise and understanding of local laws to be able to design and install a beautiful, safe, and ADA compliant parking lot for your Baltimore area business.

Don’t make your visitors suffer with a gravel parking lot! Contact All State Paving, Maryland’s best commercial parking lot paving contractors!

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