Asphalt Paving Installation

Though it’s one of the most important aspects of your property, many business owners, homeowners, property managers, and municipal employees don’t always understand asphalt pavement installation. Your pavement protects visitors to y our property and adds value for decades, so it’s vital to get all asphalt installation work done by professionals.

All State Paving, Maryland’s leaders in pavement installation, are proud to help property owners in communities from Baltimore to Annapolis with their asphalt paving needs.

Asphalt Installation 101 for MD Property Owners

Benefits of Asphalt Pavement

  • Flexible under pressure
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Attractive
  • Low-cost installation
  • Cost-effective maintenance

The Asphalt Installation Process

  1. Prepare the Site – Before any pavement can be installed, the area needs to be prepared by demolition of existing pavement, structures, and removal of all debris.
  2. Grading for Drainage – The land where the pavement will go news to have the proper slope for drainage, so it is prepared using special rolling machines in a process called grading. A correct slope ensures that water won’t soak into the asphalt and break it down over time.
  3. Install the Gravel Base Layer – The base layer, called the sub-base, is made out of aggregates such as broken asphalt and gravel, and it provides stability to the asphalt pavement. This is installed in an even layer, graded, and compacted.
  4. Apply Binder Layers – Before the top layer of asphalt can be installed, a binder course or layer needs to be installed. This layer consists of large aggregates mixed with asphalt binders and provides stability to the pavement.
  5. Install Asphalt Surface Layer – The top layer of asphalt is made of finer aggregates and high quality asphalt binders for a smooth, even layer. It is compacted and rolled to an even, properly graded surface.
  6. Protection & Finishing – Before new asphalt pavement is called done, there are other paving services that can be performed. New pavement can be protected with an asphalt sealcoating, and parking lots need line striping and traffic markings applied with reflective traffic paint.

All State Paving: Asphalt Installation Experts in Baltimore MD

In Maryland, All State Paving is the most experienced asphalt paving company, and we can install any kind of asphalt pavement our clients need, including commercial parking lots, industrial pavement, building foundations, residential driveways, park walkways, sport courts, and more.

Contact our asphalt installation professionals to learn about what new pavement can do for your property!

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