Best Paving Contractor in Timonium MD

All State Paving has been providing top professional paving services to residential homeowners, property managers, and commercial businesses in Timonium MD and Howard County Maryland since 1990. We stand by our dedication to quality workmanship and expertise in the paving industry that has made us the local experts in repair, maintenance, and installation of asphalt commercial parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, roadways, and more.

Best Paving Contractor in Timonium MD

Why Choose Us
  • Multiple generations of paving professionals own and operate All State Paving, as we bring our core family values of integrity and hard work to every paving project.
  • We keep up to date with the latest asphalt paving techniques using only the best quality asphalt materials, all of our licensed paving contractors ensuring that all paving projects are complete each job to precision.
  • We provide free driveway inspections, flexible financing, and new customer discounts to earn and keep your paving business.

Explore Timonium MD

A census-designated place in Baltimore County MD, Timonium had a population of 9,926 as of the 2010 census. It was once part of the Lutherville-Timonium CDP and is still referred to as Lutherville MD in some places. The name Timonium comes from the name of a mansion built in the old town area, which was in turn named for Mark Antony’s unfinished palace. The Maryland State Fair is held here each year near Labor Day where the Timonium Race Course used to be.

Known originally for thoroughbred race horses as a part of Maryland’s horse racing history, Timonium is a lovely place to visit. The area caters heavily to family matters that lean toward kids, including gaming places, epic playgrounds, and physical activity centers. There are also historic places to enjoy such as the Hampton National Historic Site and Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. Today, it is a great place to visit in the transition from summer to fall, as a number of events coincide with the great Maryland State Fair. Have a visit to this comfy part of Maryland today!

What Is The Difference Between Resurfacing And Seal Coating A Driveway?

When thinking about getting asphalt driveway services, homeowners can have a lot of questions. A reputable local asphalt paving contractor should be able to answer these questions. In Timonium MD, All State Paving is the trusted paving company for asphalt driveway services. We earned the trust of Maryland homeowners not only by answering these driveway questions, but by performing all residential paving services with a high standard of workmanship and integrity.

All State Paving Answers Your Asphalt Driveway Questions

  • When is the best time to get a new driveway paved? – A good paving contractor can install an asphalt driveway any time of year, but avoiding wet or freezing temperatures by paving between spring and fall is best.
  • What causes asphalt to crack? – Many things affect the integrity of your asphalt, including UV ray exposure and water penetration.
  • How long does an asphalt driveway last? – The short answer is between 20 – 30 years, but it needs to be frequently sealcoated and resurfaced when necessary to remain solid for longer.
  • What’s the difference between resurfacing and seal coating a driveway? – The short answer is the thickness of the product being applied. A driveway sealcoating is a protective coating of thin asphalt, and resurfacing involves milling existing asphalt and adding a new layer of thick asphalt for a brand new surface.

When it’s time to get your driveway serviced, call All State Paving!

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