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For more than 30 years, All State Paving has been bringing the highest quality paving services to Lutherville MD ranging from driveway repair to parking lot installation. Our family owned and operated paving business was started in the 1990s, only has been growing into a multigenerational business, and we have several crews of bonded and licensed paving experts with a fleet of top tier paving equipment. If you need concrete paving or asphalt repair, we can help.

Best Asphalt Paving Services in Lutherville MD

Why Choose Us
  • We put our customer’s needs first on every paving project, starting with estimates at no obligation, involving constant communication throughout the job, and providing ongoing pavement maintenance as necessary.
  • We use state of the art equipment in combination with only the latest paving techniques, performing regular inspections and maintenance on all our gear.
  • Our devoted owners, who have three generations of professional paving experience, are on every jobsite to guarantee quality workmanship, top customer service, and the personal touch.

Enjoy Historic Lutherville MD

A census-designated place in Baltimore County MD, Lutherville was part of the Lutherville-Timonium CDP prior to 2010, and the community now has a population of 6,504, according to the US Census Bureau. The Lutherville Historic District is located her, preserving the history of the area and providing a snapshot of Maryland’s history as well. The town was named after German Church reformer Martin Luther, and it was founded by Lutheran ministers, and St Paul’s Lutheran Church is a prominent feature of the historic district.

Locally, there is the Fire Museum of Maryland, showing the evolution of fire equipment over the last couple of centuries in this country. Most of the local businesses are specialty & gift shops, great for finding that certain gift for a special someone. There are a lot of antique specialists in the area, sharing wares that range from all over the east coast and beyond. Coming to Lutherville is like going back in time, without having to give up any modern conveniences!

Proper Care of My New Asphalt Driveway

Homeowners in the Lutherville Maryland area may worry about the proper care and upkeep of their new asphalt driveway in order to keep the pavement in good repair. After your new driveway gets installed, it may seem like that’s it and there’s nothing more you should do, but there’s plenty of ways to extend the lifespan of your asphalt driveway.

In Lutherville MD, All State Paving is the trusted driveway paving company for homeowners because of our many quality driveway installations all over Maryland and New England. Here’s what we tell our customers about upkeep on their new driveways.

Proper Care of My New Asphalt Driveway

Homeowners with an asphalt driveway on their property want it to improve their property values, not bring them down by being broken and unsightly. While DIY driveway fixes can make things worse, there are plenty of driveway maintenance services homeowners can get from their trusted local paving company.

Here’s some ways for homeowners to maintain their asphalt driveways:

  • Regular Driveway Inspections – Maybe the most important thing a property owner can do to keep their pavement in good condition is to pay attention to its condition. A visual inspection for cracks, color, and water penetration is great, but you can also get a professional inspection from a paving company.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating – A sealcoating is perhaps the most important service to get to preserve your driveway because it protects asphalt from damage from weather, as well as provides an attractive look for the driveway.
  • Crack Filling – When cracks appear on your driveway, it’s important to get them addressed with professional crack filling services that can restore the asphalt to good condition.

Need a new asphalt driveway or private roadway? Call All State Paving, Lutherville MD’s most experienced paving company.

Ready to change your residential property and keep drivers safe? Get a consultation about a new asphalt driveway from All State Paving! We’re waiting for your call or email or social media message!


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