Asphalt Overlay Saves Ellicott City MD Multifamily Property

Maryland residents, whether in their own homes, condos, or apartments, deserve safe asphalt to drive and walk on. In Ellicott City, All State Paving is trusted by homeowners to improve their driveways, walkways, and more. They also install and repair asphalt for property managers of apartments and other multifamily properties.

All State Paving: Restoring Maryland Properties with Asphalt Overlay

asphalt overlay

Recently, we undertook a driveway paving project for a newly constructed multifamily residential property in Ellicott City, MD. The property management approached us with specific concerns about the pavement in their apartment complex. Issues included wear and tear on the paved surface, though the base layer was stable. In this situation, our skilled contractors have several ways to correct surface problems, ranging from sealcoating to patching to a full asphalt overlay. The Ellicott City client chose the overlay because it was the most cost-effective.

Our team began the driveway paving project with meticulous excavation and grading to ensure uniformity across the driveway. The overlay process involved carefully applying new material to the existing surface, seamlessly blending old and new for a cohesive look. We also paved the area around the newly constructed garage at the rear of the property, giving residents more places to park. The new pavement gave the entire property a high-end look.

From improved curb appeal to enhanced safety and functionality, well-maintained pavement contributes to the overall value and attractiveness to new tenants. That’s why it’s important for facility managers and construction professionals to partner with a trusted paving contractor to install and maintain driveways, roadways, and parking lots on multifamily residential lots. With over 30 years of experience, our family-owned company is committed to providing high-quality asphalt installation services at affordable rates.

Ready to upgrade your residential property? Call All State Paving for asphalt overlay on driveways, private roadways, and parking areas!

At All State Paving, we understand the importance of safe and reliable paved surfaces, especially in multifamily residential settings. Our expertise in asphalt overlay and installation ensures a pretty paved surface and long-term durability and safety for residents and visitors alike.

Are you a property owner in Ellicott City, MD, seeking reliable driveway repair solutions? Contact us online or by phone to discuss your project needs and experience the difference our expertise can make!

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